Mobile gaming is about to change

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The mobile games field is beginning to evolve

Mobile gaming is having a divisive effect on the game industry. Independent developers have found success by focusing on the mobile space, but this success has begun to attract larger development studios and publishers, many of whom are beginning to flood the market with low quality, yet expensive games. Older development studios have been avoiding the mobile space, with some considering mobile games to be a useless business model in their current form. For the people that play these games, the division being seen in the game industry is a major influence over what games they play and choose to support.

Gaming is very much like professional sports in the sense of competition. Certain people are fans of certain sports teams, and they support these teams aggressively, with some going so far as to harshly criticize those that support other teams. The competition occurring within an audience is somewhat beneficial, because it drives more attention to events and products. This happens as much in the game industry as it does in sports, with gamers aggressively supporting their favorite brands. Large developers tend to have the most fans, and their opinions on mobile gaming can have a dramatic impact on how people see mobile games.

mobile gaming appsThere is a large portion of the gaming environment that supports independent developers, of course, and many of these developers are focused on the mobile space. Mobile games currently represent one of the most lucrative aspects of the overarching game industry, largely due to their proclivity for in-game purchases, sometimes called “microtransactions.” These microtransactions have made mobile games profitable for many independent developers and this has not gone ignored by larger developers and publishers.

In the coming years, large companies are expected to play a more domineering role in the mobile gaming space, with some hoping to take advantage of its most lucrative aspects. With larger companies entering into the mobile space, the course of the mobile gaming sector may be altered. Big developers have more resources and more fans, which means that they can quickly produce games that meet the interests of their fanbase. Smaller developers do not have this ability, and may be forced to mimic the games that are produced by their larger counterparts in order to continue finding any degree of success.

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