Mobile games to see explosive growth in China

Chinese mobile games

Report predicts the massive growth that the mobile gaming market is expected to see

China’s mobile games industry is expected to see extraordinary growth in the coming years. A new report from the China Game Industry Annual Conference shows that the revenue generated by mobile gaming has reached $7.94 billion. This represents an 87.2% year on year increase. Many Chinese consumers have begun showing a great deal of interest in mobile gaming because it represents a convenient form of entertainment. These consumers have also shown that they are willing to pay significant amounts of money for the games that they enjoy.

More than 366 million people in China are playing mobile games

There are more than 366 million people playing mobile games in China. This makes the country home to one of the largest gaming markets in the world. Only four years ago, China’s mobile gaming market was struggling to take off, but has seen a sixteen-fold increase over that period. In China, mobile games have revolutionized the overall game industry, putting developers under significant pressure to become more mobile-centric. Companies like Japan’s Konami, which had traditionally focused on console games, are not developing titles specifically for mobile platforms.

Large companies are making it difficult for small developers to compete in the Chinese market

Weird mobile gamesThe rapid growth of the mobile gaming market has caused some turbulence in the industry. With thousands of developers and publishers looking for a foothold in the Chinese market, companies leading the industry are beginning to take steps to ensure their continued success. Tencent and Netease, which hold a significant position in the mobile games market, are working to secure their positions, making it more difficult for smaller companies to find a foothold in the Chinese market.

Existing IP could ensure the success of many mobile games

Notably, many of the developers involved in mobile games are fighting to obtain rights to existing intellectual property, which will allow them to connect with consumers more effectively. Because existing intellectual property already has an established following, mobile games based on these properties may prove quite successful among fans.

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