Mobile commerce will reach 1 billion shoppers in 3 years

mobile commerce trends

By the year 2016, a recent research report has indicated that the number or people m-buying will break the mark.

Aligning with other mobile commerce research that has recently been presented to and by the industry, the results of a new analysis have now indicated that there will be over a billion shoppers choosing this channel by 2016, and retailers are recognizing this at a rapid pace.

This has caused many retailers – large and small – to focus on the marketplace over smartphones and tablets.

Many very well recognized retailers – from Marks & Spencer (M&S) to Walmart – are placing considerable investments into mobile commerce. They are bringing their focus in-house to develop complete strategies in the hopes that it will appeal to consumers and provide an attractive, convenient, and enhanced shopping experience.

mobile commerce trendsThe mobile commerce report provides insight into the direction of both consumers and retailers.

This latest report from Informa follows in line with much of the previous research that the company has released. According to the author of the report, Shailendra Pandey, “Being accessible across the variety of channels is becoming increasingly important for retailers. Retailers that proactively provide up-to-date information about their products, services, prices and store locations on mobile devices will benefit from first-mover advantages.”

eBay and Argoes have also recently announced that they will be working together to help to provide shoppers with a mobile commerce experience in which they can make their eBay orders over their smartphones but where they can pick up what they had purchased at Argos shop locations. This suggests that there is a rising need – even for retailers that already have an online presence – to provide greater convenience and to ensure that their smartphone and tablet experience is continually improving.

The majority of retailers have – according to Informa – been reporting that there is very powerful growth in their mobile commerce traffic and that they believe that it is in this area that there will be the biggest impact over the span of the next two to five years, in terms of business. It is based on those predictions and the data from those retailers that Informa Telecoms & Media has forecasted that by the close of 2016, there will be more than a billion people using their devices to buy the products and services that they want.

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