Mobile commerce in the UK could outpace the US

UK Mobile Commerce

UK is becoming a very powerful market for the mobile shopping scene

The United Kingdom may soon become home to one of the world’s fastest growing mobile commerce markets. According to a new report from research firm eMarketer, mobile commerce will play a major role in the UK’s growing e-commerce sector this year. The rate at which the mobile payments space is growing may soon outpace that which is being seen in the U.S. If the UK manages to establish a lead over the U.S. in mobile commerce, it will likely retain this lead for several years.

Report highlights the growth in mobile sales throughout the United Kindgom

Mobile sales throughout the UK are growing. These sales now account for 27% of all e-commerce sales. The report from eMarketer predicts that the e-commerce sales in the UK will grow by 16% this year, and a quarter of these sales will come from smartphones and tablets. Consumers are showig a strong interest in mobile commerce because of its convenient nature, but the rapid adoption of mobile technology has also influenced the growth in digital commerce.

UK consumers favor tablets for their larger screens and better shopping experience

UK Mobile CommerceTablets are becoming a favored shopping platform for UK consumers. These devices feature larger screens that offer better navigation functions when shopping online. Retailers are also beginning to design their e-commerce sites to favor tablets, as these devices are somewhat similar to traditional desktop computers. This makes it easier for retailers to design their sites for both mobile and stationary platforms, ensuring that consumers have an ideal shopping experience.

73.1% of consumers in the United Kingdom have made at least one mobile purchase in the past year

The United Kingdom is currently home to one of the most active mobile commerce markets in the world. An estimated 73.1% of consumers aged 14 and older have made one mobile purchase in the past 12 months. Consumers in the UK appear to be more comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce and are, therefore, more willing to shop for and purchase products online using their mobile devices.

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