Mobile commerce study focuses on sales through Google apps

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

Brand new research focuses on mobile and social selling by way of these applications.

The business at the very core of Google appears to be steady, increasing, and profitable, which has led executives to plunge large investments into mcommerce through Android, as well as YouTube and Chrome, for a marriage over the long term of video and mobile.

The largest advertising clients are pushing Google to boost the performance and usability in those areas.

This has been an ongoing push from those customers, as they want video to be brought into mobile commerce at a usability and performance level that hasn’t yet been achieved. Now, a research report has been issued, called “Google in Mobile and Online Video Advertising: YouTube, Android, and More,” which has been expanded by Mind Commerce Publishing and provides more details in the area.

The 70 page m-commerce report is available online and shows the results of a highly in depth analysis.

The purpose of the study was to look into the way that Google is using its asset at YouTube in order to leverage mcommerce. It provided a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of Google within this marketplace, in addition to their planning for the video marketplace, as well.

Moreover, the analysis also looked into the global market for video advertising from this year through 2016. This report is expected to be highly important to the predictions and forecasts that will be made over the next four years within that mcommerce environment.

The target audience for the report is expected to include Google, as well as that industry giant’s competitors, media portals and companies, mobile marketing and advertising firms, brands and advertising businesses, and fortune 1000 company marketing departments.

The mobile commerce report provides a clear illustration of the impact that video is now making within that sphere. It demonstrates the impact that it is having on the way that consumers are making the online purchases of goods and services. It also points out the way that video marketing and advertising is offering a unique visual level to the way that a product’s benefits and advantages can be placed in front of the consumer.

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