Mobile commerce study shows only 17 percent of retailers have optimized sites

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Study by Briteskies about mobile commerce shows that among specialty online retailers, only 17 percent have optimized for smartphones.

Leading firm in B2B and B2C company assistance for seamless integration of enterprise software and e-commerce solutions, Briteskies, has published the results of their study, which performed an evaluation of mobile commerce offerings among 75 different retailers online.

Examples of the online companies that were included in the study are Fry’s Electronics, Petco, and Sunglass Hut. The results of this study were first released in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the 2012 Imagine eCommerce Conference held by Magento.

Briteskies is a partner with Magento, IBM, and JD Edwards and is based in Cleveland, Ohio. It works to ensure that its clients achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction as well as raises in their profitability as a whole.

What they found was that among the retailers that were examined, only 17 percent had a mobile site.

According to the Briteskies director of e-commerce solutions, J. Michael Moores, “While conventional wisdom dictates that most retailers have created specific destinations within the mobile channel, this study shows that many specialty retailers, especially those in the small-to-midsize revenue category, have yet to join the move towards mobile.”

He also explained that a large number of retailers are not only finding it challenging to define their own mobile commerce strategy, but they are also struggling to make certain that the design and content that they create for the mobile channel will actually support the strategy that they do develop, “all while working within the limitations that exist with some e-commerce platforms.”

Moores did point out that it is fortunate that there is a broad range of solutions currently available to assist retailers in achieving precisely this type of goal, and that they are affordable enough that they can be done within a reasonable budget and without requiring a significant amount of IT down time.

The research also looked into mobile commerce in a number of different industries and verticals and the specialty online retailers within them. These included pet supplies, educational supplies, electronics, food, health and beauty, clothing, hardware, sporting goods, gifts, automotive, and several others.


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