Mobile commerce strategy launched by Starbucks across the UK

starbucks mobile payments app

The coffee chain is starting a “click and collect” service throughout the United Kingdom.

Starbucks, a company already known for its massive successes with smartphone based payments, has now announced that it is launching a mobile commerce program that will allow its users to “click and collect” their coffees in the U.K.

It also revealed that it would be bringing in new powermats to all of its locations throughout the U.K.

The company stated that its customers will be able to benefit from the fastest WiFi speeds that are available through a retailer, in order to help to encourage customers to return to the coffee shops following a recent round of tax controversies. This massive coffee chain will be making an investment of £30 million into mobile commerce and other tech features of its business in the country in order to appeal to consumers who had been turned off following the news of its tax arrangements.

The mobile commerce features are being designed to give Starbucks even more draw for consumers.

starbucks mobile commerce marketingThe controversy that the company has faced started back in 2012, when the public discovered that it was making only low corporate tax payments within the country. Since that time, it has started to become profitable in the region and it is now working hard to convince customers to start returning in greater numbers and with greater frequency, through the user of a mobile ordering service for their coffee purchases.

According to the president of Starbucks Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Kris Engskov, “Today what we’re focused on is the customer and evolving the coffee shop experience.”

The new app for the company will offer an ordering feature that will allow consumers to simply click on what they want so that they can step up to the counter and collect the pre-ordered beverage. They can even pay for their purchases through the app so that the only thing they need to do at the counter is take the coffee that has been prepared for them. The service won’t even tap into the bandwidth for the customer’s data plan if they are within range of the fastest retail WiFi the country has to offer, which is what Starbucks says that it will be supplying to all of its locations.

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