Mobile commerce sends British retail skyward in April

UK Mobile Commerce

UK Mobile CommerceThe performance of the sector in the United Kingdom received considerable benefit from smartphones and tablets.

Online sales underwent a significant growth in the United Kingdom in April, this year, and a great deal of it is being credited to the contribution of mobile commerce, said the British Retail Consortium.

The trade association for the British retail industry reported that the impact of smartphones and tablets is massive.

The latest report from the British Retail Consortium looked directly at the growth and impact of online shopping and indicated that mobile commerce is increasing in its popularity across the entire nation. This was especially true in April, when the growth was particularly strong within the smartphone and tablet sectors.

The report focused very heavily on the growth that was being experienced as a result of mobile commerce.

The mobile commerce report indicated that April’s online sales increased by 8.3 percent. This was a lower growth rate than the 9 percent that was experienced in April 2012. However, the report still suggested that there is still a great deal of promising progress.

The report also indicated that mobile commerce made an important portion of the sales that were made online. Within this publication, the British Retail Consortium made the suggestion that up to one fifth of all retailers feel that a significant proportion of their sales are coming from purchases made on smartphones and tablets.

It was also pointed out that mobile commerce is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, not just with retailers. It has moved beyond a short term fad or a very basic trend within the industry in the United Kingdom. Instead, it has become an important and growing trend that is highly impacting overall sales.

Consumers are beginning to choose mobile commerce over other channels on an increasing basis. They are using smartphones and tablets for shopping, making their buying decisions, and actually purchasing the products and services that interest them. That said, the report wondered whether retailers are willing and able to keep up with the preferences of their customers. They think that retail companies may need to step up their game in this channel.

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