Mobile commerce security promoted by Wells Fargo accelerator program

Mobile Security

Zumingo has become the first member of the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator

As mobile commerce becomes more popular, security is becoming a greater priority. Zumingo Corporation, a leading provider of security solutions, has announced that it has become the first member of the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator. The program was fashioned by Wells Fargo to support innovation in the technology sector and support solutions that could lead to better consumer protection and experience. When it comes to mobile commerce, the accelerator program may help spur some advances in security solutions.

Wells Fargo is interested in the security technologies that have been developed by Zumingo

Wells Fargo has shown an interest in the location intelligence technology developed by Zumingo. This technology is designed to authenticate and secure mobile payments, allowing payments to be made in a safe manner. Wells Fargo could make use of this technology in its mobile commerce pursuits. The technology would guarantee secure transactions and protect consumers from fraud and other malicious problems that exist in the digital world.


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Security is beginning to gain traction among consumers and businesses

Mobile Commerce SecuritySecurity has been an important issue for many years now, but relatively little has been done to protect consumer financial information in the mobile space. Mobile technology is still quite new and, despite its popularity, ensuring the security of mobile devices has proven to be a complicated issue that has no simple solution. The matter of security has been augmented by the emergence of mobile commerce.

Companies are finding it difficult to address the security issue effectively

Mobile commerce security is a problem that has yet to see any effective solution. Many security companies throughout the world have released applications and introduced services designed to keep mobile commerce safe, but not all of these solutions have been effective. The lack of security solutions has kept some people from participating in mobile payments, opting instead to favor traditional forms of commerce. Companies like Zumingo are trying to tackle the security problem, but whether or not their efforts will be met with success has yet to be seen.


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