Mobile commerce saw 141 percent growth, last quarter

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A new report is now suggesting that retailers need to “immediately face” the challenge of smartphone shoppers.

According to the Q3 Performance Index that has been released by MarketLive – the e-commerce platform – mobile commerce has grown exceptionally rapidly over the third quarter of the year and is going to be a very important component moving ahead.

The data used in order to generate this report was drawn from aggregated traffic and conversion figures.

According to MarketLive in its report, “Merchants must immediately face – and address – the enormous implications and inescapable demands of multi-device shopping and mainstream mobile commerce.” It supported this statement by showing that there had been a 141 percent increase in revenue generated specifically by purchases made over smartphones and tablets. In terms of traffic, there has been a 62 percent rise in smartphone based users on the e-commerce sites.

Both smartphones and tablets are contributing to the mobile commerce influence at online shopping sites.

mobile commerce paymentsTablet traffic and revenue also grew in the last quarter, according to the m-commerce report, though much more modestly than smartphones, at 20 percent. That said, when all of the figures were taken into consideration, it was still PC based shopping that led the wave. Equally, the figures from that category have continued their “decline”, said the report.

Of all of the traffic to online shopping sites, PCs generated 57 percent. However, in the aggregate, laptops and desktops brought about 76 percent of the revenues. Smartphones had represented 28 percent of the traffic, but bought in only a much lower 11 percent of the revenue. Tablets brought in 15 percent of the traffic, while they brought in a much closer 13 percent of the revenue.

It is clear that while many consumers are looking to mobile devices as a part of the overall shopping experience, but at the same time, they aren’t actually buying through the use of those devices as much as they are on their traditional computers. It is important for merchants to understand the influence that smartphones and tablets are having on their sales, even when the purchases aren’t being made directly over the devices.

The report said that the conversion gap in mobile commerce has to do with the suboptimal checkout experience that is being offered for shoppers using smartphones ant tablets.

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