Mobile commerce research identifies behaviors of the wealthy

mobile commerce affluent

A new study from eMarketer has revealed that affluent individuals have specific smartphone based shopping habits.

eMarketer has released the result of an in depth analysis of the direction that mobile commerce is taking and, in doing so, it has revealed a considerable amount of insight that pertains specifically to consumers who are among the most affluent.

This data, which has been released for free by the firm, is drawing a sizeable amount of attention.

The data that that was revealed through the mobile commerce research provided a number of statistics that can give a much better understanding of the way that the wealthy are shopping within the channel.

mobile commerce affluentSeveral individual mobile commerce categories were studied from the perspective of that demographic.

This included a comparison between the use of smartphones and tablets. For example, the eMarketer research showed that 49 percent of smartphone users in the affluent category used their devices for searching for store information such as to obtain directions, open hours, etc. On the other hand, 41 percent of tablet owners took part in those same activities. Similarly, 33 percent of smartphone owners would look up details about a product while on the go, while only 18 percent of tablet owners did the same.

While in-store, mobile commerce behaviors were shown to be present among affluent consumers, as 29 percent of smartphone users would comparison shop, while 13 percent of tablet owners would do so. As far as viewing product images was concerned, the behavior was more common among tablet users, as 42 percent of them would take part in this habit, while only 28 percent of smartphone users would do the same. This was presumably because of the difference in screen size. Also led by tablet owners was the category that viewed videos about products, as 21 percent did so, while fewer than half of that number 10 percent, of smartphone owners watched those videos.

This mobile commerce information can provide marketers and merchants online with a tremendous amount of insight as to how to appeal to the wealthier income brackets when they are included in their target market demographic.

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