Mobile commerce produces a new shopping demographic

mobile shopping trends

mobile shopping trends

Commuters have become the latest group of shoppers to target.

Private discount etailer, BrandAlley has identified a new mobile commerce shopping demographic upon which to place their focus, and they have now announced a revenue growth of 20 percent for the first half of 2012 as a result of their efforts with smartphone users.

This has brought their revenue for the first two quarter to £14 million.

The retailer has said that mobile commerce is responsible for a massive increase in both sales and revenue this year and they expect this trend to continue in a very positive direction. The company first launched in the United Kingdom four years ago and became an instant success online. However, it wasn’t until smartphone shoppers started taking part that it experienced a truly explosive growth.

It catered to the mobile commerce marketplace by offering its members five daily sales.

According to Rob Feldmann, the chief executive for the company, “We are very pleased with our results so far this year in what continues to be a difficult market. We are reaching a critical point in our growth heading towards a profitable business with strengthening margins and the best variety and quality of sales for our loyal customers.”

Not only have mobile commerce consumers – particularly commuters – added an entire new demographic to the market, but it has also become possible for customers to be reached at virtually any time or place. More people are accessing the site at any given time than has ever been seen before. Even better, the average shopping cart size across all forms of transaction has increased by 21 percent so far this year.

Now the average purchase is £76. BrandAlley credits smartphones for this higher quality of sales and the fact that they are better capable of building relationships with their customers through house ware, beauty, and fashion.

The mobile commerce site was first launched in February of this year and instantly generated a new revenue stream that was worth about a fifth of all of their sales for the year so far. More than one million shoppers visit this site on a regular basis using their smartphones and tablets, and are clearly more engaged than those visiting the standard site, as they are visiting more pages, spending more time on the site, and are spending more.

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