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Mobile commerce made up 10.2 percent of 2012 online sales

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Mobile Commerce salesRetailers selling through Bigcommerce saw one in ten purchases from smartphones and tablets.

According to a report issued by Bigcommerce, the retailers that sold thorugh this vendor saw 10.2 percent of their sales generated from shoppers who were using mobile commerce on their smartphones and tablets.

The report showed that among those purchases in 2012, iOS devices made up 84.6 percent.

That meant that Apple mobile commerce was worth $84.3 million to those retailers in 2012. There are currently approximately 30,000 small and medium sized merchants around the world that are using the mobile commerce and e-commerce platforms at Bigcommerce. Last year, those sellers brought in $824.9 million in sales online in general.

$46.4 million of the mobile commerce sales were brought in through iPad devices, specifically.

The report also showed that $24.9 million worth of purchases were rung in from iPhone users. Android devices accounted for $13.0 million in sales through Bigcommerce sellers.

Bigcommerce found this notable, as the figures that they saw in mobile commerce sales were in contrast with the market share from Apple and Android devices. This is because Android phones make up 52.5 percent of the total smartphone market, while iPhones hold only 34.3 percent. This data was obtained through comScore’s calculations.

According to the CEO and founder of Bigcommerce, Eddie Machaalani, “Android is more prevalent in numbers because it is licensed to multiple manufacturers that offer their products at multiple price points, both the low and high ends of the market.” He went on to point out that “Apple products seem to cater to a higher end of the market that may have more discretionary income. This will certainly be an interesting space to watch as smartphones become more prevalent and price points continue to shift.”

Over fifty percent of the client mobile commerce sales that were seen at Bigcommerce came from users who were shopping using their tablets. This consisted primarily of use of the iPad. In response, between 50 and 60 percent of the sellers through Bigcommerce have chosen to take advantage of the vendor’s platform for smartphones and tablets. That said, some of the sales that were made using those devices were processed through the standard sites that were accessed by smartphones or tablets.

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