Mobile commerce is a vital component of the travel shopping experience

mobile commerce future smarphone

A recent study has shown that consumers are increasingly using multiple devices to plan and book trips.

A report was recently released by a firm called Criteo, which illustrated the importance of the role of mobile commerce at both the start and finish of a shopper’s planning and booking of upcoming travel.

The report was entitled the Criteo “State of Mobile Commerce” and it was focused on the third quarter of this year.

Significant insight was provided through the results of the study outlined within this report. This could potentially be useful for travel brands that are hoping to keep up with the trends for consumer preferences in researching and booking their personal and business trips. Travel is among the industries that have been most greatly impacted by mobile commerce, as consumers are able to not only plan and book their trips, but they also often bring the devices with them and continue to research and make purchases even while they are away from home.

There were two primary mobile commerce findings that were underscored by the Criteo report.

mobile commerce future smarphoneThe first finding was that mobile apps were generating 49 percent of transactions that were occurring over smartphones and tablets in the travel industry. The second was that those mobile applications achieved a greater conversion rate that either desktop or the mobile web.

On the whole, transactions conducted over smartphones claimed a 56 percent share, with tablets taking in the remainder of the mobile shopping total. The worldwide average share held by mobile was estimated to be at 35 percent. The United States came close to matching that global average, while the United Kingdom saw 46 percent of its transactions conducted over mobile. Japan’s figure was slightly higher with 50 percent of transactions taking place over smartphones or tablets.

According to Jonathan Wolf, the chief product officer at Criteo, “We continue to see the rise of mobile commerce in a cross-device world. Advertising strategies now need to include mobile at the centre if companies want to engage today’s savvy consumer.” He also went on to explain that marketing firms will also need to focus on the offline, online, and mobile commerce journey being taken by consumers if they intend to be able to draw shoppers and maximize the sales that they are achieving.

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