Mobile commerce helps boost retail revenue

mobile commerce ipad 3 retail

Retailers are finding more success in the mobile shopping space

Branding Brand, a leading mobile commerce service provider, has released a new study, which is the latest in its Mobile Commerce Index series. The study highlights the trends that exist in the mobile space and tracks those that are beginning to emerge therein. The report often notes that mobile payments are becoming more common among consumers, especially as businesses begin to become more accommodating of the mobile-centric audience.

Study shows that retail revenue jumped by 111% in May of this year

According to the study, average retail revenue increased by 111.3% in May of 2014 over what it had been during the same month in the previous year. This increase in revenue came from smartphones, with mobile consumers taking advantage of websites that were optimized for mobile use. Retailers with effective mobile websites saw more revenue growth than those without optimized sites. Those with poorly optimized sites tend to receive criticism from consumers who opt not to use such sites again in the future.

Mobile commerce is becoming a priority for the retail industry as consumers become more integrated with their mobile devices

mobile commerce ipad 3 retailMobile commerce has managed to find a great deal of momentum in the retail sector. Consumers have shown that they are willing to shop for and purchase products from their mobile devices and many are beginning to do so more frequently than they visit physical stores. While physical retail is expected to retain its place of favor among consumers, more people are beginning to augment their visits to physical stores with mobile commerce.

Tablets may soon overcome smartphones as the primary mobile shopping platform

Smartphones are currently considered the leading mobile shopping platform among consumers, but tablets are beginning to catch up. Tablets are becoming favored because of their larger screens and generally stronger processing power. These tablets allow for a better shopping experience, creating an enjoyable atmosphere within the mobile commerce space. Some retailers are beginning to focus on appealing to tablet users because these consumers generally tend to spend more money while shopping online.

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