Mobile commerce growth in the UK lags behind the US

Mobile Commerce trends

UK falls behind in terms of mobile commerce

Judo Payments, a mobile commerce firm based in the United Kingdom, has released a new study that shows mobile commerce in the United Kingdom is lagging behind that of the U.S. While UK consumers have been showing more interest in mobile payments recently, mobile commerce has been growing at a faster pace in the U.S. The study aims to shed some light on this trend and identify some of the factors that may be influencing UK consumers to be leery of mobile payments.

Study shows that 22% of UK smartphone users make a purchase from their mobile device

According to the study, apprixmately 22% of UK smartphone users have attempted to make a payment from their mobile device. Comparatively, 60% of smartphone users in the U.S. have attempted to do this same thing. The study suggests that this dichotomy may be due to the poor experience with mobile commerce that many consumers seem to have in the United Kingdom.

Mobile Commerce trendsMany consumers report problems with transactions

The study shows that 7 million people throughout the UK have made a purchase from their mobile device. Of these, 1.7 million have had their mobile transactions fail. Another 1.3 million people have seen their transactions fail on multiple occasions. Many of these consumers claim that entering their financial information into a mobile payment system is too difficult while others have been reporting problems using electronic checkout systems. While these problems also exist in the U.S., the study suggests that American mobile commerce firms have been able to provide consumers with a relatively favorable experience.

Mobile commerce does make progress despite problems

While growth of the mobile commerce sector in the United Kingdom is somewhat behind that being seen in the U.S., UK consumers are still showing a significant deal of interest in making mobile payments. Mobile commerce is still a relatively new concept and is susceptible to problems in its early stages. The more these problems are exposed, the better mobile commerce services will become.

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