Mobile commerce from Australia reaches out to China

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Australian retailers are beginning to overcome a considerable barrier they had once faced.

One of the largest challenges that Australian companies had once faced is now being overcome through the use of mobile commerce, which has allowed retailers to reach out and connect with the massive Chinese consumer base.

Though ecommerce had given the concept a bit of a start, it is over smartphones and tablets that there may be true potential.

Mobile commerce is opening up the door for Australian online retailers to more effectively offer their products and services online to a growing Chinese smartphone using population. Retailers are also beginning to take note of the types of shopping trends that are applicable in China. It is slowly being noted that in order to make the most of the sales in that country, they are required to become equipped with a qualified merchant gateway system and a smartphone and/or tablet platform.

Almost 3 out of every 4 internet using Chinese consumers use the web over a device capable of mobile commerce.

This is according to the China Internet Information Center. In fact, the number of people in that country who use the internet rose to approximately 564 million last year. As almost 75 percent of those people use their smartphones or tablets to perform tasks online, this presents a massive mobile commerce opportunity to Australian retailers who are willing to make the effort.China Mobile Commerce

Australian companies who are making this leap at the head of the wave are hoping to see considerable growth in sales as they begin peddling their wares to the 55.5 million mobile commerce shoppers in China. As the second half of 2012 had achieved a year over year increase of 136 percent in smartphone shopping, it is likely that this opportunity won’t be going anywhere. Therefore, many businesses are hoping to establish themselves in this marketplace right from the very start.

According to a statement released in the recently published mobile commerce study from the China Internet Information Center, “Shopping on mobile devices has become an important driver of the growth of online shopping in China”.

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