Mobile commerce division to receive a boost at HP

HP mobile payments

HP mobile commerce

Plans have now begun in creating this new branch of the company.

A memo from within HP has been leaked and heavily suggests that the company has already begun the process of building a new mobile commerce division.

Similar efforts by this organization have failed in the past.

HP had attempted to dip into device efforts such as tablets, but they never managed to make any meaningful impact on the market. By reorganizing, this may provide the company with a new grasp on the marketplace. However, as of yet, it is still unknown as to whether they intend to take a new spin on a tablet webOS operating system, whether they plan to use Android technology, or whether they will be moving forward with an entirely different platform.

The leaked memo which was circulating within the company suggested only a new mobile commerce initiative.

This memo was written by the head of the new Printing and Personal Systems Group, Todd Bradley. His new division was formed just recently when two others merged. Now, according to Bradley’s memo, the company will be creating a new Mobility business unit, which will be in charge of “consumer tablets” as well as “additional segments and categories where we believe we can offer differentiated value to our customers.”

As of yet, HP has not made any announcements relating to this mobile commerce discovery and has not been replying to requests for comment. If the memo is, indeed, accurate, this would not be the first time that the company had attempted to make its way into the tablet marketplace. At around this time last year, the announcement was made that the TouchPad that it had been making would be discontinued.

When the TouchPad’s sales dwindled, it looked as though the company was cutting its losses entirely and leaping out of mobile commerce. However, it seems as though it has not entirely given up hope on this marketplace. Now that the tablet market as a whole has become much more mature and a wider range of devices are available, this could provide a solid opportunity for HP to step back in and give it another try.

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