Mobile commerce is beginning to outpace e-commerce

e-commerce vs mobile commerce

Report shows that mobile is performing better in some product categories than PC

A new report from Experian Marketing Services shows that mobile commerce is beginning to outpace e-commerce in some product categories. E-commerce has long been a powerful channel for the retail industry. Today, many retailers focus on engaging consumers through digital channels rather than traditional, physical channels. PCs have become very powerful engagement tools for these retailers and have lead to the success of online shopping and e-commerce in general. As mobile devices become more important to consumers, however, many people are beginning to use these devices to shop online, forgoing their old computers.

Mobile consumers more likely to purchase books, clothing, and accessories

The report shows that clothing and accessories is a product category that is most popular with PC and tablet users, while approximately only 28% of smartphone users shop in this category. PC users are more likely to purchase electronics from their computers, while 41% of tablet users will do the same. Tablet users are significantly more likely to purchase books online, whether they are physical products or e-books. Smartphone users, however, are more likely to make payments at physical stores from their mobile devices.

Tablets are becoming the preferred mobile shopping platform

e-commerce vs mobile commerceAccording to the report, tablets are more favorable mobile commerce platforms among consumers than smartphones. Those shopping from a tablet device often praise the shopping experience they have and tend to spend more money from these devices. An estimated 40% of tablet owners use their devices to purchase physical products online, while only 30% of smartphone users do the same.

Consumers are showing more favor for shopping with a mobile device

Mobile shopping has become quite popular because of its convenience. During holiday seasons, mobile commerce activity tends to rise dramatically as consumers look for ways to avoid visiting physical stores and the chaos that they are often associated with during the holidays. Commuters also account for a significant portion of mobile shopping activity, taking advantage of their mobile devices to get shopping done while traveling.

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