Mobile commerce apps from iPhone are excelling over Android

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Apple vs Android mobile commerceThis, according to the results of a panel that examined the usage of the applications on the devices.

The outcome of a recent panel report on the use of mobile commerce apps has suggested that the experience provided by iPhone applications of this nature is far superior to that available to their Android device using counterparts.

The report indicated that m-retailers generate far more income from Apple device users than from Android.

iPhone currently leads the way, with quite a distance over Android smartphones, when it comes to both the total number of minutes that its users spend on mobile commerce apps, and on the number of sessions that its users initiate on a monthly basis. The research indicated that among participating iOS device users, 67.5 percent engage with those applications, when compared to only 43.9 percent of Android device owners.

The mobile commerce data was collected from a panel that studied app use by smartphone owners.

This American smartphone panel was conducted by Arbitron Mobile. Its data indicated that mobile commerce marketers should place a greater focus on the way in which shopping is approached based on the device that is used for the activity. It noted that while the largest revenue opportunity is generated by iPhone devices, the Android market should not be ignored. This is especially true as recent statistics are indicating that devices based on the Google owned operating system are selling considerably more rapidly than those from Apple.

Moreover, success is not simply universal. Some mobile commerce companies are doing better than others in terms of being able to develop their apps in a way that will lead to the greatest amount of customer satisfaction.

For instance the application from eBay had its start very early on and has been able to build a massive user base. This has allowed it to be the most commonly used shopping application among smartphone owners in the United States, says Arbitron. The usage rate of the eBay mobile commerce app was recorded to be 14.3 percent. At a close second, was Amazon Mobile, at 13 percent, followed by Groupon at 1.11 percent.

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