Mobile commerce and payments to expand significantly in Canadian province

Manitoba Canada Mobile Commerce
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Manitoba Canada Mobile Commerce

Residents of Manitoba to experience a larger range of options on their smartphones.

MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services, Inc.) has just announced that it has just entered into the first stages of a partnership with EnStream LP in order to enhance mobile commerce in Manitoba, and to bring secure smartphone payment technology to the province in 2013.

This new technology is designed to help to boost transactions over smartphones and tablets.

The partnership will provide MTS customers with the chance to take advantage of more of what mobile commerce has to offer, and to pay for products and services at participating retailers using certain types of smartphones that are equipped with compatible technology.

This move makes it clear that Canadian telecoms are acknowledging the importance of mobile commerce.

According to Kelvin Shepherd, the president of MTS, “mCommerce will quickly become the way people go about their day-to-day business, and MTS is proud to be among the first providers in Canada to give their customers access to this important and innovative technology.”

Within the first stages of the partnership between MTS and EnStream, the telecom company has obtained access to the technology provider’s Secure Element Management platform. This will, in turn, allow EnStream to offer participating financial institutions, such as banks, with the means to provide their customers with smartphone payment transaction options.

The customers who will be able to use these mobile commerce features will need to have smartphones equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology. This is a chip that will allow the device to securely transfer payment data with a transaction terminal without the need of plastic cards.

Shepherd explained that “This technology has great potential to make every day transactions faster, more convenient and more secure.”

The Secure Element Management service from EnStream allows for the contactless, secure transfer of a customer’s credentials through the use of their smartphones, bringing mobile commerce into actual physical store locations. As the service evolves, the system will permit customers using the service to load their credit and debit cards, as well as other credentials such as library cards, loyalty program cards, and even transit passes into their devices.

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