Google Play to warn users about mobile apps with known problems

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Users are already receiving warnings when they are about to download known performance issues.

Google has been taking additional steps to help people downloading mobile apps from its Play store to spot the applications functioning well and those that already have known performance issues reported by individuals with similar devices.

Users are starting to report having been given a heads up about applications that are known to be problematic.

The new form of warning is based on data Google collects about the performance of mobile apps on user devices. This technical performance data helps it to provide other users with warnings when they are thinking of selecting an application that has been a problem for people with similar devices.

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Some media reports suggest that Google has been working on developing this feature for the Play Store since last October. Some of the rumors circulating about the feature included the addition of a quality bar that would be based on the phone model. This would help people to know whether an application that worked perfectly well on one device is likely to do the same on their own. Google is hoping that this will help to encourage developers to keep the performance of their products above a certain “bad behavior” threshold across a broader range of user devices.

Mobile apps proving too problematic will trigger a warning about their performance on the Play Store.

A recent Android Central report showed that the threshold for performance was set at 8 percent for the user-perceived ANR rate and the user-perceived crash rate. Any applications above that 8 percent threshold will trigger the Play Store’s warning. Some users are already seeing it.

Users are regularly frustrated with applications that aren’t functioning well on their devices. It seems that Google is more than aware of this problem and is working to eliminate this issue from the applications available on its store. This also provides users the opportunity to decide whether they would like to choose a certain application even if problems have been reported about it by users of similar devices.

The report stated that Google has also announced its intentions to restrict mobile apps with technical warnings from appearing in certain discovery sections.

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