Mobile app security gets tighter at WhatsApp

whatsapp mobile app security

The popular messenger application now features two-step verification to keep it more secure.

WhatsApp has bumped up its mobile app security by rolling out its two-step verification. The security boost is now available to its complete use base.

The announcement of the feature was made quite subtly within an updated version of the official website FAQ.

The official mobile app security update rollout occurred on Wednesday. Now, all users can use two-step verification to tighten the security of their app. The step, when selected, requires phone users to enter a 6-digit passcode in order to register a device with WhatsApp.

The goal is to offer users an additional layer of security while boosting protection for accounts against unauthorized access.

When the added mobile app security is enabled, attempts to verify the WhatsApp phone number needs the passcode.

whatsapp mobile app securityThe new mobile security feature also includes an option to use a recovery email address. This feature is not required in order to use the application. That said, if the passcode is ever forgotten, the recovery email address receives a link that makes it possible to disable the added two-step verification. In that way, the account can be accessed once more.

WhatsApp did point out in the FAQ that care must be taken when using the recovery email feature as the address is not verified. Therefore, the user should be meticulous when entering the recovery email address, to ensure that it has been done accurately.

Still, WhatsApp is hoping to make it easy for users to avoid forgetting their passcodes. For instance, the application will require a user to re-enter the passode now and again. This regular use of the code will make it more likely that a user will remember it. Moreover, once the additional mobile security feature has been two-step enabled, the option to disable the prompts is removed.

What’s more, WhatsApp is also making additional mobile app security efforts to keep user accounts safe. When the two-step verification is enabled, the number cannot be used within 7 days for reverifying the account unless the passcode has been entered. To enable the two-step verification, users must simply use: Settings – Two-step verification – Enable.

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