Mobile app for creators is under development at YouTube

Google News YouTube mobile app

The application will have features that make it possible for crowdsourced subtitles and fan donations.

YouTube has now announced one of its latest efforts, which it has entitled Creator Preview, which will be a video series in which the company will share some of the latest features – such as mobile app updates and new tools – that will become available to creators in the future.

The first video from the Google owned company revealed that there will soon be an application just for creators.

That first Creator Preview showed that a mobile app is in development and it will give fans the ability to contribute funds directly to the creators of the videos that they enjoy. It was described as being able to offer a “way to harness the power of the crowd to create captions and subtitles for your videos in 60+ languages.” These videos are presented in a rather unique way that allows the company to present information without ever actually showing off or identifying the specific features that it plans to implement.

The video was formatted in a way that it discussed what engineers would want from a mobile app.

Google News YouTube mobile appThe YouTube video shows a number of engineers who are being interviewed and who discuss why they believe certain features would be helpful additions to a mobile application meant for creators. They talk about exactly why they feel that those features would be helpful and necessary. This allows the company to indicate the direction that they are taking without actually revealing the way in which they are taking it, ahead of the release of the application.

This strategic method allows people to know what is coming and what is being pursued while providing the opportunity to offer feedback over Twitter and Google+ so that they will be able to consider additional input before they create the final product.

According to YouTube, it will be releasing these Creator Preview videos “regularly”. At the same time, it never actually specified how often the videos can be expected to be released. That said, it is likely that each new episode will bring about a considerable amount of mobile app and technology news attention.

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