Mobile advertising revenue grows 165 percent for app developers

Mobile Advertising trends

Nexage has reported that those using its marketplace have seen tremendous increases in their earnings.

According to a recent statement released by Nexage, the app developers that have been using its mobile advertising marketplace have experienced an average revenue growth this year of 165 percent when compared to last year.

That said, they also reported that this rate of growth is double the increases that has been experienced by the market.

Therefore, while it states that those using its marketplace for mobile advertising have reached astounding revenue growth rates, this is not necessarily what should be used by anyone marketing in this channel at a whole. Still, even half of that rate is a magnificent growth rate to be achieved by revenue through these ads. Nexage explained that the growth in revenue was driven by both volume and pricing gains.

The mobile advertising market as a whole has been experiencing some positive gains.

Mobile AdvertisingThe revenue generated per 1,000 mobile ad impressions, also known as the effective cost per mil (eCPMs) has increased by 55 percent this year. As a growing number of brand ad purchasers have become increasingly interested in placing their marketing in mobile apps. These marketing firms are becoming more willing to pay a higher price in order to obtain users that have a higher value to them. The outcome of this willingness is a boost in the competition for the available in app advertising space inventory. At the same time, this year so far has seen an ad volume increase of 66 percent.


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The data from Nexage, a Boston based firm, have now been released within its Mobile Insights Report. That publication indicates that Device ID based inventory (that is, based on the unique number that is assigned to a specific mobile device), has become a common method of targeting users with ads that will be specifically relevant to their needs and interests. In the report it showed that for ID enabled ad impressions, the eCPMs received a premium of 67 percent over those that were not enabled with Device IDs.

Mobile advertising can also give developers the ability to target users based on other features, such as location, which only boosts the effectiveness of their ads. There is an eCPM premium of 49 percent for impressions that are location enabled.

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  1. Addix

    Awesome stuff, Nexage. I think this is true industry wide. Most app developers are earning more, especially on Android (Airpush is my top earning network today and they’re Android based). So I think this is a really good sign for devs, who are finally making good money like the professionals they are.

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