Mobile ad spending will be greater than desktop for the first time next year

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If this ZenithOptimedia forecast is correct, it will mean this will occur a year earlier than predicted.

ZenithOptimedia released a mobile ad spending report that predicts and earlier landmark than prior forecasts. This report predicts that spending on mobile ads will exceed that of desktop a year earlier.

Until now, most forecasts have predicted that this milestone would be reached in 2018.

Businesses will be spending a larger amount of money on ads meant for smartphones and tablets next year than they will on advertising aimed at desktop users. This will represent the first time mobile ad spending has ever been greater than that of desktop. Furthermore, that milestone will be reached a year ahead of schedule if the prediction is accurate.

ZenithOptimedia forecasted a shift in ad spending around the world. It expects that companies worldwide will spend $99.3 billion on mobile internet advertising next year. That represents 2 percent more than the amount they will spend on desktop ads.

While mobile ad spending rises, desktop advertising budgets will be declining.

mobile ad spending marketingThe firm’s forecast showed that “We now expect desktop advertising to decline for the rest of our forecast period: by 0.9% in 2016, 0.4% in 2017 and 6% in 2018.” Publicis, a French company, owns ZenithOptimidia, which has scaled back its global advertising growth forecast.

This is the second time the prediction was reduced. In March, the growth forecast was 4.6 percent. The most recent report reduced that prediction to 4.1 percent. Zenith explained its change in the forecast by pointing to the devaluation of the Argentine peso.

Zenith also stated that the leading six markets in advertising will keep their stability from 2015 through 2018. It believes that within the same period of time, China will become the largest online and mobile spending force. This means that China will move ahead of the United States, which has held the position for many years. Zenith’s report does align with predictions from other firms. However, what makes it stand out is the speed in which it predicts these movements will occur. The market will certainly be watching to see if other forecaster reports begin making similar predictions about mobile marketing budgets.

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