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Mobile sites are becoming vital in a new business landscape

The world is becoming more mobile. That is to say consumers around the globe are becoming more reliant on smartphones and tablet devices. For businesses, this means a multitude of new marketing opportunities that can drive online traffic. If consumers are forced to visit websites that are not optimized for mobile use, however, their experience is likely to be bad enough to encourage them to ignore a particular brand. Mobile sites can mean the difference between a consumer exodus and an enjoyable experience that will ensure that consumers come back for more.

Mobile websites are important to consumers, and that means they should be important to businesses as well. Those that are not strictly focused on the mobile space or lack the programming pedigree to develop their own mobile site need not worry, however, as there are services available to help businesses build mobile sites of their own. is one such service. offers new B2B opportunities is an online platform that allows users to develop and customize their own mobile sites. The platform offers a wide range of features that are meant to make the development process as simple as possible without sacrificing ingenuity or innovation. While is not the only platform of its kind, it does offer services that may not be available through its competitors and this is most apparent in the platform’s proclivity for image

There are several online services available to businesses that can aid in the construction of a mobile site, but is among the very few that allows for reselling. In this way, could be a valuable tool for B2B purposes, especially as mobile-optimization begins to determine the success a business may find online.

The platform allows for complete customization and management of a mobile site. The platform supports a variety of languages, each of which can be integrated into a mobile site that is being built. It can also support e-commerce initiatives, allowing businesses to process payments for goods purchased online. One of the most attractive features of the platform, from a B2B perspective, is that the platform itself is entirely white-label. This means that a business can use the platform to create mobile websites for its clients and receive full credit for doing so. This feature does, of course, come at a price.

The platform supports HTML5 in order to ensure all mobile sites are as responsive and reliable as possible. A focus on HTML5 also ensures that the sites developed through the platform are available cross-platform, allowing for universal access of these sites. The platform also taps into cloud computing, putting the power of CloudFlare to use in order to ensure that mobile sites are fast and protected against malicious attacks.

Two options available for businesses interested in mobility

For B2B purposes, offers two package options: Basic Reseller and Power Reseller. The Basic Reseller package offers the base level of features that can be found in the platform, while the Power Reseller option offers unrestricted access to these features. For businesses interested in having full control over their mobile websites and the reselling opportunities that exist therein, the latter package is considered ideal, especially as it brings more flexibility to the platform and supports more creative options.

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