Apple delays its mixed reality headset launch to June

Mixed Reality Headset - Delayed Apple product

The iPhone maker will need another two months over its predicted release date for the device.

Apple Inc. is delaying its intended unveiling of its first mixed reality headset, which was originally slated for April, but that is now being postponed for June. This, according to a recent report from Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter.

This is only the latest of the California tech giant’s many setbacks for this project in recent months.

Apple’s current goal is now to hold the product’s unveiling at its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference, according to Bloomberg’s source, who requested to remain anonymous as the company’s plans are always kept confidential.

Mixed Reality Headset - Person wearing a VR headset

The iPhone maker already decided to hold off the launch of the mixed reality headset earlier this month, as was reported by QR Code Press. At that time, the decision was made when its product testing indicated that there remained both hardware and software kinks sizeable enough that they would not be corrected in time for their initially scheduled launch date.

Apple has been working on the development of the mixed reality headset since around 2015.

The debut of the device has been a long time coming. At one point, Apple had plans to unveil it in June 2022, delaying the introduction until January 2023, which was then pushed further along until the latest postponement to June.

This device, unlike others that it had previously been developing, will be combining both virtual and augmented reality. Once Apple does release it, this will represent the first time that the company has added a product to a new category since it launched its Apple Watch smartwatch in 2015. This move has the potential to provide the company with fresh growth following a recent slowdown. That said, this remains an uncertain economy and an uncertain market, and the price tag Apple is expecting to charge isn’t a cheap one, as Bloomberg’s source suggests it will cost around $3,000.

That said, a new mixed reality headset product would help to reduce the company’s reliance on iPhone sales for its revenue. After several delays, it isn’t impossible that Apple could again delay the unveiling date if it turns out to be too soon for its complete development.

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