Microsoft Tags picked up by Scanbuy QR codes

Microsoft Tag bought by Scanbuy

Microsoft Tags falter beneath the reign of QR codes

QR codes have been gaining popularity, but there are other types of codes that have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Microsoft had developed an alternative to QR codes in 2009, called Microsoft Tags. These Tags were quite similar to QR codes in that they could be scanned with a mobile device to reveal digital content. Unlike QR codes, however, the Tags featured a much more colorful style, utilizing vibrant triangles instead of the black and white squares that QR codes have become well known for.

Microsoft seeks to distance itself from Tags

Microsoft had envisioned a future where both Tag and QR codes could function side by side. In 2011, Microsoft Tags began gaining traction with many large brands, including Ford and Time. Many of these brands still make use of the Tags, but Microsoft is now looking to distance itself from its flamboyant codes. The Tags have proven resilient, however, and are not going to vanish simply because they have lost the favor of Microsoft.

Microsoft Tag bought by ScanbuyScanbuy acquires abandoned technology

Scanbuy, a leading mobile engagement solution provider, has struck a deal with Microsoft to license the Tag technology. Per the deal, Scanbuy will be able to produce and manage these Tags from now on. The company will also take over the corporate customers that have adopted the Tags. Scanbuy will utilize the Tags alongside its various QR code endeavors in order to provide more options to businesses looking to engage mobile consumers in a dynamic way.

Scanbuy sees a promising future for Tags

Notably, Scanbuy has the backing of Google, which is often considered to be Microsoft’s most prominent rival. Google has shown very little interest in QR codes in recent years, having abandon the technology for various reasons. While Scanbuy does operate autonomously from Google, of course, and the company sees a great deal of promise in the Tags despite the fact that Microsoft is abandoning the technology in much the same way Google abandoned QR codes. Scanbuy CEO Mike Wehrs suggests that there are a significant number of people that still make use of Tags, making it a valuable addition to Scanbuy’s portfolio.

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