Microsoft Surface Pro 3 throws down the gauntlet with the MacBook Air

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet

This tablet has been created not only to boost the tech giant’s presence in the mobile market, but also replace laptops.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is now available on store shelves and at a price of $799, it’s clear that the manufacturer is hoping that it will be able to offer an option that will be direct competition to the MacBook Air that is currently being sold by Apple.

It is also the first very large attempt that Microsoft is making in the effort to replace laptop computers.

This is causing many people who have held strong to their love of their laptops to take a second look at tablets, as they consider whether or not the Surface Pro 3 will be able to provide them with all of the features that they already require, but enough additional benefits to convince them to switch to the new form of tablet device. Apple has already started to chip into this area with its MacBook Air – often called an ultrabook – as it is meant to be an ultra-thin light form of a laptop.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is taking a more direct, shameless effort to replace the laptop entirely.

As opposed to marketing this tablet as a type of transitional or hybrid mobile device, Microsoft is unabashedly labeling it as a replacement, suggesting that a user will be able to receive everything that they need in computing, without having to opt for the larger and heavier laptop.

This is a bold move in marketing the tablet is the latest tack that the tech manufacturer is taking to help to strengthen its lineup of Surface devices. This latest model is both thinner and wider than previous versions. This has broken the mobile devices away from being competition for tablets such as the Galaxy Tab from Samsung, or the iPad from Apple, in order to move into what could potentially be a broader segment of the market.

As laptop shipments slow, Microsoft is seeing a considerable opportunity in replacing those devices among people who have found that they like the portability of the tablet, but who need the performance of their larger computers. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is their first attempt at filling that gap and it will be very interesting to see the response of the competition as well as of consumers, themselves.

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