Microsoft patent outlines plans for augmented reality device

Xbox augmented reality

Microsoft could be next in line to develop augmented reality glasses

Google is not the only technology company interested in augmented reality. Microsoft has begun examining the viability of augmented reality in the gaming sector. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published a new patent application from the company concerning the use of a head-mounted device that leverages augmented reality technology. The patent suggests that the device could be used with Microsoft’s gaming consoles, with the most likely candidate being the forthcoming Xbox One.

AR continues to gain attention in the gaming world

Augmented reality is well suited for gaming and the technology itself is most often used for entertainment purposes. Microsoft has some experience with the technology through its Kinect platform. The Kinect is a device that allows gamers to use motion and voice commands to control various aspects of certain games. The device has become very popular in the augmented reality field because it can be used in a variety of ways, such as virtual dressing rooms.

Xbox augmented realityPatent details head-mounted device

Microsoft’s patent outlines a head-mounted device that is equipped with a variety of technologies. The device is to feature eye-tracking, depth information, facial recognition, and other such sensor technologies to create an immersive experience for gamers. Augmented reality would be used to turn the world around a gamer into a gaming experience in and of itself. Given the features outlined by the patent, it is likely that the augmented reality device may have some tie to the Xbox One as the console also boasts of similar features.

Microsoft seeks to leverage entertainment aspects of augmented reality

Where Google is attempting to promote augmented reality as a social tool that could help people interact with one another in a new way, Microsoft’s approach to the technology is relatively more reserved. The company may be focusing on leveraging augmented reality as an entertainment tool rather than a social one, building upon the technology’s already well established functions and capabilities.

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