Microsoft files patent for new augmented reality project

Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses

Microsoft is the latest addition to technology companies working on developing head-mounted augmented reality devices. The company has recently filed a patent for a new AR headset. The company has been very selective about the information it is sharing regarding its new project, but the device may be used for next generation gaming platforms. Early this year, news arose of Microsoft working on the Xbox 720, the successor to the massively successful Xbox 360. Given the company’s latest patent filing, the possibility of a new Xbox console may not be farfetched.

According to the patent, which was discovered by PatentBolt, Microsoft has been working on the augmented reality headset since 2010. The patent suggests that there are two variants of the system. One is a full-fledged helmet that contains sophisticated augmented reality technology. The other is a simple pair of glasses that will be able to allow the wearer to experience augmented reality while on the go.

There is no way of telling when Microsoft plans to release this new product. If the AR system is to be release in tandem with the Xbox 720, then it could be years before any news regarding the project surfaces. Thus far, Microsoft is the second company in the game industry that has plans to make use of augmented reality. The first was Sony with its well received Playstation Vita handheld console. The two companies have a well known rivalry in the industry, so it may be likely that Microsoft will attempt to beat out Sony in terms of augmented reality prowess.

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