Microsoft files patent for augmented reality sound system

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Microsoft surround-sound system uses augmented reality to provide new experience

Audio is an important part of entertainment, especially when that entertainment occurs at home. Surround-sound systems have become very popular for those looking to get the most out of their at-home entertainment. While audio technology has become more advanced, the quality of sound is fickle in nature. If a person is not in the ideal position, they are likely to miss out on the best audio experience possible for their given surround-sound system. Microsoft believes that it has found a solution to this problem and it involves the use of augmented reality.

Sound system based on the Kinect platform

The technology company has published a new patent application that details the use of a 3D audio system that will provide users with a quality experience no matter where they are in a room. The application notes that the system is based on augmented reality technology. Microsoft has a significant amount of experience with this technology as it is part of its Kinect platform. The Kinect uses augmented reality and motion detection technologies in order to create experiences for users. Microsoft believes that this system could be used for audio as well as visual content.

System uses dept camera to create an audio landscape

Though the system is based on the Kinect, the patent application does not reference the Kinect specifically. Instead, it makes note of a “depth camera,” which is the same kind of camera that is used by the Kinect to capture sensory information. The camera will collect special and imagery data from a room and then use that data to construct a soundscape for the environment. This soundscape will adapt to changes in the environment, such as moving bodies, and the system will provide a high quality audio experience as it adapts to these changes.

Augmented reality system could be the future for entertainment

If Microsoft wins the patent, it may open the way for a new generation of sound systems for home theaters. The company has not yet revealed plans concerning such an initiative, but speculation suggests that such an augmented reality surround-sound system could have major implications on the future of gaming and other forms of entertainment.

Article: Microsoft files patent for augmented reality sound system
Article Source: Mobile Commerce Press
Author: Stephen Vagus

Microsoft files patent for augmented reality sound system

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