Microsoft adds QR codes to help Windows 10 users with dreaded blue screen

blue screen of death qr codes example not true image

The quick response codes are displayed along with a sad face when the operating system fails.

Among the many different overhauls and makeovers Microsoft has been giving its products, it has now added QR codes to its blue screen – the dreaded display screen that occurs when the operating system has had an all-out crash.

The facelift to the so-called “Blue Screen of Death” includes a sad face in addition to a quick response code.

Some who have already installed the Build 14316 Windows 10 preview have already seen the QR codes and other changes to the Blue Screen of Death, which is how this news was initially reported, as Microsoft did not include this detail in its most recent release notes. This barcode will provide an additional resource to users who have experienced a failure of the operating system.

Scanning the QR codes provides users of the computers with more information about the problem.

blue screen of death qr codes example not true imageAt the moment, scanning the QR code directs a smartphone user to a website that provides users with a list of various reasons that are commonly behind the display of the Blue Screen of Death. However, these quick response codes have the potential to be used to provide detailed information about the specific crash that occurred, should Microsoft decide to take that road in the future.

The first person to notice the new barcode and frowny face on the Blue Screen of Death is reported to be javalinni, a Reddit user who grabbed a screenshot of the event and posted it online. Javalinni wrote that “The first thing the new build did in my VM was crash, but instead of just the usual smiley I was greeted by a QR code as well.”

The appearance of the QR codes was confirmed by another user, DSoni98, who confirmed that they had experienced the same thing when attempting to install the most recent build. That user stated that “Seems like a nice addition for those rare occurrences.” Though this does look as though it has the potential to be a helpful feature, it has also been noted that there is the potential for it to be used in malicious ways by unethical individuals who could spoof it.

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