Mhealth to provide assistance in Haiti initiative

mobile health clinics program

mhealth programHealth eVillages has launched a new mobile based effort in the impoverished nation to provide training.

The global mhealth program called Health eVillages has just launched a new program that is designed to provide the people in Haiti with a boost of desperately needed healthcare services.

The new program was just unveiled by the Marlborough, Massachusetts based organization.

The program is called Health eVillages College Outreach (HERO). The organization, itself, was purchased around two years ago by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, and by Donato Tramuto from Physicians Interactive. It will be using mhealth services to provide vitally needed training to clinicians in Haiti.

The mhealth program will place nursing educators in the country and provide them with mobile tools.

It will use a range of different mhealth tools to help clinicians to obtain the training they need to provide healthcare within the country. It will start with a sponsorship of two coordinators. The first will be from Regis College in Massachusetts, and the second is from Haiti. They will work in a health center that will be jointly operated by the Partners in Health and the Haitian Ministry of Health, and will be located in a city called Hinche. Partners in Health has already been working to offer healthcare in Haiti for a quarter of a century.

According to the vice chairperson of Physicians Interactive, as well as its CEO, Donato Tramuto, in a press release about the mhealth program, “Physicians Interactive could not be more pleased to be an active partner with Regis College and Partners In Health in the HERO program.” He added that “Having partners on the ground in Haiti who have the experience, the relationships and the trust of their communities is a blessing for Health eVillages.”

Tramuto also expressed that his organization is excited not only about the sponsorship of the introduction of nurse educators into the Haitian city, but they are also looking forward to being able to offer those new healthcare providers with state of the art mhealth based medical information and tools that will “empower them to improve the quality of patient care.”

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