Mhealth technology helps to provide care to remote U.K. patients

mobile health clinics program

mhealth programThe National Health Service can reach a larger number of people more effectively through mobile.

Healthcare workers from the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom have discovered that offering mhealth tools for in-home care can help to provide better care to patients in remote areas.

This mobile news has been released as the NHS is getting used to a new management structure.

A number of Trusts from the NHS are now directing their attention to mhealth and other technology resources that will assist them in meeting their newest responsibilities and targets. The shift going on in the organization is the largest that it has experienced since it was first founded in 1948.

Among the new goals is to use mhealth to be able to reach individuals in the countryside that is difficult to access.

One of the goals of the Western Isles branch of the NHS includes to boost the connection between the staff and community nurses who visit patients in their homes. The Scottish countryside can be very challenging for these care workers, even though the population of the area is only approximately 26,500. The clinical team is made up of about 1,00 people, but its geographical area is a massive 130 miles made up of 280 towns, some of which are accessible only by sea.

The organization sees massive potential for the use of mobile tools to assist these patients. According to Jon Harris, the head of IT from the Trust, mhealth technology is beginning to provide considerable help to their ability to care for those patients. He said that “Implementation of [new] technology has allowed us to free up a considerable amount of time for community nurses to spend face to face with patients, as well as for planning service improvements.”

Harris and the NHS team for the region are using mhealth technology from Anoto, a Swedish company that provides digital writing solutions. This allows them to employ digital pens that connect with smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth technology so that information can be sent directly from that device to the healthcare records system of a hospital.

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