Mhealth solution introduced to ERs by AT&T

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mhealth AT&TThe telecommunication company is aiming to make it easier for emergency care personnel to communicate.

AT&T has just announced its intention to make communication easier and more available in emergency care situations through a new mhealth program that it has developed.

It is being called the Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) Solution.

What the program is meant to do is replace the limitation that many people have in communicating with emergency assistance. For instance, at the moment, one of the only options available to an elderly person who is at risk of a fall or a heart attack is to wear a special device around his or her neck. That way, if something should happen and he or she is at home at the time, the button can be pushed and help will be alerted.

Mhealth programs are designed to overcome the limitations to that type of emergency care solution

AT&T has been working to help to solve just this type of problem. Its mhealth program will allow users to automatically connect with the right people in case they require medical assistance, regardless of whether they are at home or somewhere else. Moreover, the system has a number of other features, as well.

According to the unveiling of the mhealth program, it can also provide real time tracking of the individual and can alert neighbors, friends or relatives when and where an unfortunate event has occurred to their loved one.

The mPERS mhealth solution was mainly designed for elderly individuals who are living alone, but can also be useful to issues who are prone to falls or for those with disabilities. It will use a machine-to-machine (M2M) form of connectivity to be able to connect users who are in distress no matter what time it is or where they are. They will be connected directly to the staff at a monitoring center.

This mhealth solution helps the user to be able to benefit beyond the limits of the current monitoring systems. Those typically confine their service to the individual’s home and need the user to manually press a button in order to receive help. The AT&T option will notify the monitoring center automatically if something has happened. The device will contain sensors that will alert the monitoring center if, for instance, it detects a fall.

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