Mhealth program from Verizon to assist needy communities in San Diego

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mhealth appsThe wireless provider’s goal is to help to reach children who have never had a dentist or doctor.

The Verizon Foundation has just announced the progress of a telemedicine grant for La Maestra Community Health Centers in order to boost an mhealth program that is meant to bring children in the neediest communities access to a dentist and a doctor, especially if they have never seen one before.

The grant was originally given last fall, and allowed for the purchase of a considerable amount of equipment.

The grant was for $90,000 and gave La Maestra the opportunity to purchase the latest mhealth equipment for a van that allows them to convert it into a mobile clinic. This purchase even included X-ray technology equipment. According to officials from the center, they are now capable of using the van to deliver health services to patients in housing complexes, at schools, in retail shopping areas, and at community events.

This mhealth ability allows them to reach people in the community who would not otherwise have access.

The program has existed for twenty three years and now includes the mhealth van as well as four different primary medical health centers, one unit, eight dental clinics, and four school based health centers within the lower income areas of San Diego. These include Lemon Grove, El Cajon, City Heights, and National City. Every year, they are able to serve 45,000 patients.

Though many providers of healthcare services are still dependent on film X-ray, the mhealth grant will also allow the mobile clinic from La Maestra to take advantage of digital technology. This will allow the providers to be able to catch conditions that are potentially life threatening more quickly, so that treatment can begin further in advance.

These new mhealth capabilities will also help to span the gap that exists between medical clinics and mobile clinics, said the officials. This makes it easier for consultations to occur in a more achievable and timely manner and makes it the patient records more accessible to the care providers.

La Maestra’s support from the Verizon Foundation has allowed them to make a considerable difference in their mhealth clinics, including a regular schedule at seven schools from two districts.