mHealth has the confidence of 96 percent of patients

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The vast majority of survey participants expressed that they feel that this technology will improve their lives.

The results of a Research Now Group Inc. survey have now been released, and they have shown that nearly all patients are optimistic enough about mhealth that they feel that it will provide an improvement to their lives.

The research involved the participation of 500 healthcare experts as well as 1,000 users of mobile health apps.

What this study determined was that 46 percent of the medical professionals who responded to the survey have the intention of bringing mobile apps into their own care facilities within the next half decade. Furthermore, it also found that among all of the healthcare professionals who took part in the survey, a tremendous 86 percent felt that mhealth apps will help them to boost their understanding of the medical conditions of their patients.

Most notably, 96 percent of the participants in the research felt that mhealth tools will improve their quality of life.

mhealthSimilarly, among the medical experts who took part in this research, 72 percent felt that these mobile health apps would encourage their patients to take a more active role in their own wellness.

A public statement released by the Research Now senior vice president of global healthcare, Vincent DeRobertis, said that “Mobile apps for smartphones are changing the way doctors and their patients approach medicine and health issues.” DeRobertis also went on to explain that a patient with heart disease, for instance, would be able to transmit their own heart rate information directly to his or her doctor. Similarly, a patient with diabetes would be able to use his or her smartphone to send a doctor his or her blood glucose levels for more steady monitoring. He also pointed out that nutritionists can look for trends in the patterns of their patients’ eating and exercising habits.

In conclusion, he stated that “Patients are gathering data about their condition or treatment, ultimately improving their health, or perhaps reducing visits to a physician.” He went on to point out that mhealth apps are increasing the knowledge that healthcare professionals have of the condition of their patients, while it gives patients the ability to “feel a lift in their quality of life”.

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