Mhealth apps are desired by both patients and physicians

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mhealth technologyA new survey has shown that 93 percent think that EHR linked applications will benefit people.

According to the results of a new survey conducted by eClinicalWorks, an EHR vendor, physicians are just as interested in having patients use mhealth apps as the patients themselves.

This includes the use of the apps for a broad range of different reasons, from scheduling to care.

The benefits of using mhealth apps have included everything from sending email messages to nurses in order to obtain follow-up reminders, to scheduling actual appointments. It can also include gaining access to an individual’s own EHR data and several other purposes. The applications have features that can be helpful before, during, and after an appointment.

The survey showed that a tremendous number of physicians are looking forward to using mhealth technology.

There were 650 physicians that took part in the mhealth apps survey, and more than 90 percent of them felt that the use of the technology could potentially improve the outcomes that patients experience. The same percentage of physicians stated that they would like to see apps provide patients with the ability to access their own personal EHR files and upload data into them. Additionally, 89 percent said that in the future, they would recommend an application to a patient.

Among the most popular features that the physicians identified when the participated in the survey, was the ability to use the mhealth app to send reminders to patients. This was followed by providing patients with access to their PHI from their smartphones and tablets. This would make it easier and more convenient for patients to be able to complete various administrative tasks such as making appointments, and having patients submit more accurate self-reported data on a regular basis.

Mhealth apps could also be very useful – said the respondents – in areas such as adherence to medication schedules, weight management, diabetes monitoring, and preventative care behaviors.

The mhealth industry is already growing very rapidly. It is predicted that by the year 2017, it will already have 1.7 billion users around the world. Both patients and physicians are beginning to trust downloadable apps.

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