Meijer mobile shopping service offers convenient way to shop and pay for groceries

Meijer mobile shopping service - Meijer Shop & Scan App

Meijer has introduced a new shopping service via mobile called Shop & Scan to Indianapolis.

A Meijer mobile shopping service has been launched in Indianapolis that provides its customers with the option of scanning the barcodes of items they want to purchase in store as they’re shopping. Once finished with their shop, customers simply have to scan a QR code at self-checkout to pay for their purchases. The service is called Shop & Scan.

Shop & Scan is available to mPerks mobile customers.

The Michigan-based retailer announced the launch of Shop & Scan earlier this week and the program has been rolled out in all Meijer’s Indianapolis stores, including locations in Andersons, Lafayette, Muncie and Kokomo.

In order to use the new Meijer mobile shopping service, a customer mush have the Meijer mobile app for Android or iOS and must be an mPerks customer.

Once the app is ready to go, customers simply select the Shop & Scan service. From there, they will be able to scan the barcodes of whatever items they would like to purchase in the store and bag these items as they go.

Once shopping is finished, a customer simply scans their phone at a self-checkout lane and pays.

The purpose of the new Meijer mobile shopping service is to streamline the grocery shopping experience.

While customers still have the options of choosing traditional checkouts, self-checkout, home delivery and pickup, this mobile shopping service adds another convenient way to shop and pay for customers who are on the go.

“You can shop how you want depending on how your day is going,” Meijer spokesperson Joe Hirschmugl told IndyStar.

In the initial news release, Meijer Regional Vice President, Maureen Mitchell, stated that “We’re all challenged by time and busy schedules, so Shop & Scan allows customers the opportunity to truly be in control of their shopping trip, from the moment they walk in our stores to the minute they walk out.”

This Meijer mobile shopping service first rolled out at Meijer stores in Michigan last year. It is not Meijer mobile shopping service - Meijer Shop & Scan Appavailable at stores in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company intends to continue rolling out Shop & Scan to other store locations across the country later this year.

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