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Mcommerce website at Victoria’s Secret is underperforming

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Keynote Systems has identified loading struggles on the lingerie retailer’s mobile homepage.

According to the most recent report from Keynote Systems, the Victoria’s Secret Direct mobile homepage was recorded as being able to load successfully only 97.79 percent of the time.

However, this has still allowed the company’s position to move up from the very bottom of the index.

On the week that ended on January 20, the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index registered Victoria’s Secret Direct as having moved up slightly from its spot at 21 out of a possible 30. This is because it did see some slight improvements in both the loading time that was recorded to successfully and completely load the mcommerce homepage of the site, as well as to the percentage of the time that it was completely loaded.

The Mcommerce index position of the retailer rose by nine places, from having been at the very bottom.

Equally, Keynote Systems Inc. was careful to point out that there is still considerable room for improvement in the mcommerce site performance for the popular American retailer. On the week that ended on January 13, the load time for the website had been 7.64 seconds, and it had a 97.45 percent success rate. This combination of load time and success rate gave the retailer a dismal score on the index, at 391 out of a possible 1,000.mcommerce victoria's secret

The next week, which ended on January 20, saw a load time of 7.36 seconds, with a success rate at 97.79 percent. This brought the score on the mcommerce index up considerably, to reach 719.

The load time that was achieved on that week by the Victoria’s Secret mcommerce homepage was considerably better than the average load time recorded by Keynote Systems, which was 9.19 seconds.

The primary issue that Keynote identified with the site is its availability. The target success rate – that is, one that is considered to be optimal – is one that is better than 99percent. The average on the index was 98.77 percent last week. However, at 97.79 percent, though an improvement over the week before, the site was well behind where it should be.

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