Mcommerce update has been simplified for users of Google Wallet

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The mobile payments method should now become easier, particularly for those at store locations.

Google has announced today that it has taken steps to ensure that mcommerce would run much more easily for users of its Google Wallet mobile payments method.

The most recent update was described in one of the company’s blogs by Barak Turovsky.

This most recent update has been designed to make mcommerce much faster and simpler for both merchants and consumers who are using Google Wallet. It will allow merchants who accept these mobile payments to draw information directly from the wallet – such as the billing address and credit card number – so that the checkout forms can be filled out without requiring their manual completion. This will shorten the online purchasing process significantly and make it much easier for those who shop online using their smartphones and tablets, which do not have traditional keyboards.

This could make mcommerce purchases much more appealing to many mobile users.

One of the drawbacks of ordering products and services online using a smartphone or tablet is the number of fields which must be completed, using a device without a keyboard. According to the post by Turovsky, “Typically, on mobile websites, you need to key in 17 to 20 fields of information on a small screen while having to click and scroll through multiple pages to provide shipping and billing information.”

He also explained that this is the clear reason that up to 97 percent of mcommerce shoppers will abandon the items that they have placed into their shopping cards when using their mobile devices. The most recent update to Google Wallet, says Turovsky, makes it secure and simple for these shoppers to make their purchases.

To use the mobile wallet, which will soon become available, the “Buy with Google Wallet” button must be selected, so that the user can login to his or her account. Then, he or she simply clicks the button to complete the order. Then, the order is made and the process is complete. This significantly reduces the number of steps that would be required over the traditional mcommerce checkout method.

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