Mcommerce sites and apps created by 47 percent of leading retailers

Mcommerce Website statistics

Mcommerce Website statistics

Acquity Group study includes the results of the top 300 retailers.

The recent research results from Acquity Group have shown that among the leading 300 retailers, not even half have both an mcommerce website and a mobile app, but this still represents an increase of 161 percent over 2011.

The report looked into the leading retailers, as identified by Internet Retailer.

In order to generate the results for the “M-Commerce Audit” report, the firm examined the sites that were in existence through devices operating on the four primary mobile commerce operating systems: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Among the leading performers in this area were Walgreens, Walmart, and Tesco.

What they found most notable was that mcommerce is being rapidly adopted among retailers.

The according to the mobile and emerging technologies strategist for the Acquity Group – a company based in Austin, Texas – Scott Forshay, “The overwhelming takeaway we’ve learned from the study is that the continued rapid adoption of mobility, regardless of industry vertical, signifies the vibrancy of mobility as a vital component of any digital strategy in this hyper-connected marketplace.”

Forshay stated that although retail does still appear to be paving the way, the firm is beginning to observe a vertical adoption in later stages of direct to consumer mcommerce among organizations that are B2B. However, there has also been a growing new concentration on using smartphones and tablets from a business perspective for enhancing the efficiency of operations.

The mcommerce marketplace is continuing its maturity at a rate that has never before been seen, and it is only now that businesses are starting to get a true comprehension of the complexity of this environment and its strategies. Though the first wave of mobile had been centered on rapidly getting to market – frequently under a large degree of pressure – in order to take advantage of the novelty of the channel, as the market matures, this nature is changing.

Mcommerce strategies are staring to mature, as well, moving away from the gimmicky feel and taking into account the larger potential of this powerful medium. This is involving much greater depth to the understanding of the technology and its use, but with the speed of its adoption, it is expected to continue its rapid evolution.

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