Mcommerce research from September shows a growth in its market share

Mobile commerce Trends

Mcommerce Trends in Mobile Shopping

Almost 10 percent of all online purchases that month came from mobile devices.

The latest mcommerce statistics have now been released by Affiliate Window, regarding the size of the market share represented by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

This recent report has identified a number of different statistics about the place of mobile in the market.

The most recent figures are focused on the purchasing habits of online shoppers throughout September of this year. They are meant to assist brands and marketers in better understanding the trends and the size of the opportunity that will be presented to them from the mcommerce channel.

What was determined was that nearly one in ten online purchases were mcommerce transactions.

Among all of the online transactions that occurred in September, the following were observed when compared to the month beforehand.

• In August, 9.35 percent of all online sales originated from mobile devices, but this rose to 9.98 percent by September.

• In August, 3.87 percent of all online sales originated from tablet devices, alone, but that percentage rose to 3.94 last month.

• The percentage of overall online traffic that originated from mobile devices had been 13.35 percent in August, but this dropped to 12.79 percent last month.

• In August, 8.01 percent of traffic came from tcommerce (shoppers using their ipad or tablets to make purchase) if tablet users were not included in the statistic. Last month, this statistic fell to 7.48 percent.

• The conversion rate from mcommerce also fell last month when compared to the month before, as it had been 2.84 percent in August, and that dipped to 2.60 percent last month.

These are highly important statistics that are revealing some surprising trends immediately before the holiday shopping season. Marketers and companies, alike, are observing these movements from within the mcommerce environment in order to make certain that their mobile campaigns and marketing efforts will be properly optimized and polished to offer consumers precisely what they are seeking throughout the most important shopping months of the year.

This year is expected to be an extremely defining one for mcommerce and the direction that it will be taking in the future.

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