Mcommerce platform technology from WebWaitr builds possibilities for restaurants

Webwaitr Website using mcommerce for restaurant business

Webwaitr Website using mcommerce for restaurant business

This new solution could change the way that ordering occurs online.

WebWaitr has announced its latest solution for local restaurants that uses mcommerce to allow them to compete in the rapidly evolving online ordering environment.

This platform will provide consumers with a new way to order take-out from local restaurants.

Ordering take-out using an online platform is already a highly popular choice among consumer, so by adding smartphone and tablet channels, a restaurant can open up a new world of convenience for their patrons. Until now, this type of ordering has been limited primarily to big chain restaurants. However, it is the goal of WebWaitr to change that trend.

The company hopes its mcommerce platform will broaden the experience to smaller restaurants.

By using the platform, even much smaller, single locations can offer their customers a high quality online mcommerce experience in which they can order the food items they want and then pick them up or have them delivered – depending on the service available from that particular restaurant.

The platform creates a complete ordering experience that allows consumers to place their orders quickly, easily, and seamlessly, to be fulfilled by the restaurant, regardless of whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer.

Jarod Ferguson is the founder and developer of WebWaitr. As a foodie, Ferguson felt that there was a level of experience that was lacking from local restaurants, and that by boosting the takeout ordering options, that need could be filled. He was aware of the fact that the solution would need to be something that was both simple and affordable, but that would provide all of the features expected by consumers for the experience.

As Ferguson had many years of software development, he decided to use the potential of mcommerce technology to create a tool that could be used by local restaurants to offer online and mobile ordering. He wanted something that all of these businesses could implement, as he knew that they did not have the budget or ability to create their own necessary technology and systems. The design is highly streamlined and is meant for very simplistic use so that it would remain uncomplicated and straightforward both for the restaurant and for the consumer.

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