Mcommerce in Canadian city will prove useful to tourists

Mcommerce in the travel industry

Mcommerce in the travel industry

The Halifax County Chamber of Commerce has embraced smartphone friendly tourism.

The Canadian city of Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia, welcomes approximately 600,000 tourists to the area every year, and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce has recognized that the majority of them are now carrying smartphones, making mcommerce a very useful tool.

This mobile technology will be helpful for assisting these visitors in traveling around town.

The chamber president, Nancy Pool has explained that the chamber is now offering the MyChamberApp, which is an mcommerce application designed to help businesses to be discovered by tourists visiting the city, and to allow them to remain connected to their shoppers.

Pool stated that “Mobile devices are the hottest thing going right now. Thousands of mobile devices are being sold each day, new tablets similar to iPads are hitting the market and apps have become a fun and interesting way to entertain, educate and sell. It can be downloaded on any iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, or iPad for free.”

Mcommerce is a vital tool as 74 percent of smartphone owners use those devices for location based information.

This includes everything from finding a restaurant or a certain kind of store, to getting directions to bring them from where they are to where they’d like to be. Making reference to Pew Research Center data, Pool said gave the aforementioned statistic, which was gathered in February 2012. When compared to May 2011, at which time only 55 percent of smartphone users were applying their devices to location based tasks, this is a significant jump.

The president of the chamber explained that anyone who downloads the app will gain access to information about local businesses as well as lodging, restaurants, and recreation. The app provides not only the contact information for a given location, but it also uses the GPS feature in a device to assist a tourist in navigating to where they’d like to be.

This mcommerce app is an important method for the city to let tourists know about more of what it has to offer, no matter what they happen to look for in a vacation.

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