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Mcommerce app from eBay breaks the 100 million download mark

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ebay mcommerce mobile app downloads

The company has now had to alter its global transaction projections for this year.

Now that the mcommerce application from eBay has been downloaded over 100 million times, and there have been over 100 million listings through smartphones and tablets, eBay has found itself needing to change its 2012 projections for global transactions over mobile devices to $10 billion.

The achievement of this tremendous milestone was an important one for eBay.

The numbers included all of the downloads from its app suite, which includes the central online auction application, the eBay Fashion app, the eBay Motors app, and the RedLaser app that provides price checking features.

eBay’s original mcommerce forecast of $8 billion has now been increased by $2 billion for this year.

It is the ever approaching holiday shopping season that will be truly defining for eBay and that is expected to be the most successful for mcommerce. The company has released predictions in which it believes that the sale of 30 percent of the most popular gifts this year are currently taking place over smartphones.

This company was one of the earliest pioneers in mcommerce, having recognized its potential far earlier than many other major players in the sector, having played a role well before the iPhone or the App Store existed. This, according to the eBay Europe senior director of mobile commerce, Olivier Ropars. He explained that eBay has been able to successfully achieve this most recent milestones, as well as many other goals, by consistently providing the opportunity to buy and sell as simply and conveniently as possible.

The online auction company has also released its intentions to continue to improve its apps and services over time, as they engage with the various consumers that have downloaded the mcommerce app suite and continually grow their understanding of needs and expectations. Ropars pointed out that as the majority of consumers check their phones an average of 40 times per day, a company’s strong mobile presence is no longer something that is simply pleasant, but it has actually become vital to any retailer that wants to maintain its position ahead of its competition.

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