Mcommerce achievement by Fab shows 56% of Christmas Day sales from apps

mcommerce holiday shoppingThis has allowed the company to achieve, and exceed its goals for smartphone shoppers.

Fab has just announced that 56 percent of its American online revenue on Christmas Day was from users of its mcommerce apps, which has broken the company’s single day record for the company.

Similarly, in Europe, 40 percent of its revenues came from smartphone and tablet shoppers.

Mcommerce has become a central element of Fab’s sales strategies. In October, the newly redesigned iOS apps were launched by the company along with a user friendlier, more intuitive interface that encourages the user to browse more. Furthermore, it also integrates social feeds that allows users to see what their friends have been browsing.

On Christmas Day, the company was able to exceed its mcommerce goals by a considerable amount.

In fact, although the goal of the company was to experience a day in which half of all of its online revenue came from its mcommerce apps before the end of the year, it blew past that mark by achieving 56 percent on Christmas day.

The holiday season has been a gift in itself for Fab, which has been devoting itself wholeheartedly to mcommerce and has experienced a year of dramatic growth. In fact, as of September 19, 2012, the company achieved a registration of 7.5 million users from among 26 different countries.

Cyber Monday was an achievement in itself for the company, which experienced a growth of three and a half times over the same day in 2011. That day this year, it reached over $1.3 million in sales, whereas it made only $350,000 last year. This year’s Cyber Monday was the first time the company ever broke the million dollar mark.

Jason Goldberg, the founder of the company, had predicted that the 50 percent mark would be surpassed by the end of the year, but even he had no idea that the business would make such notable mcommerce achievements on Christmas Day. After having passed this goal, it can only be assumed that Fab will continue to dive forward in the mobile environment for greater future smartphone and tablet successes.

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