McDonald’s mobile ordering tested for smartphone users

McDonald’s mobile ordering

The fast food chain may one day roll the program out across the country and potentially beyond.

A new McDonald’s mobile ordering system is currently being tested. This could make the process of purchasing a Big Mac and fries much faster and more convenient. The goal is to reduce the length of time that customers have to wait, greatly improving efficiency.

The mobile service lets customers place their orders and pay for their food ahead of time.

As a result, the McDonald’s mobile ordering system will potentially cut down on wait times. After all, the food can be prepared in the time it takes for the customer to actually travel to the restaurant to pick it up. Moreover, once the customer arrives, the order has already been placed and paid for, so they don’t need to wait in line to order, they must merely pick up their food and either eat it or bring it with them.

At the moment, the McDonald’s mobile ordering is in its testing phase and no dates have been set for launch.

McDonald’s mobile orderingThat said, if the mobile order-and-pay functionality can be effectively and efficiently integrated into the restaurant’s app, it may see a launch as early as next year. The odds are that the company will first pilot the program in a few locations. If all goes well, it should be across the United States by the close of next year.

It has also been estimated that some of the lead international markets may also see a similar type of mobile ordering service in 2017. These markets include countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

Becca Hary, a spokesperson for the fast food giant, explained that the McDonald’s mobile ordering option will be implemented in up to 25,000 restaurants worldwide during the first global wave. Technically, the company isn’t actually doing something that is revolutionary. Many large fast food chains have already been a part of the mobile commerce ecosystem for some time now. When compared to many of the company’s rivals, McDonald’s is actually rather late to the mobile commerce particular party.

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